My Story

How I Overcame a Personal Tragedy by the Words Wrapped Around My Neck

Many people have asked me….what inspired me to make these scarves?

To start my story I need to go back 20 years.

There is no gentle way to say this…so here I go….I was raped. As you can imagine, it was a time of hurt, confusion and great struggle. I was encouraged to seek help and I am so grateful I did!

My Counsellor had me write a note to myself on a piece of paper, with words that reminded me of my great worth, and that I will get through this. I was instructed to carry that note on me every single day. Every time I put something in my pocket I would touch that note and be reminded of what it said.It was a very powerful tool for me in regaining my self-confidence!

Skipping ahead in time….

In 2011, my mother-in-law was undergoing cancer treatment. The chemo treatments made her very sick and she struggled with staying positive. We lived so far apart, I felt helpless to comfort her…so I wanted to send her something to give her the strength and comfort similar to how my note helped me, but also feel like she was wrapped in my love.

I made for her an inspirational message of love, comfort and support printed on a soft pashmina scarf. She loved it!
It made her feel beautiful, strong, and loved during a most difficult time.

My goal and hope is for all who wear them to be inspired and uplifted. I think we all deserve to feel that way!