“I Am Amazing, I Am Strong, I Am Beautiful, I Am Kind, I Am Of Great Worth, I Am Honest, I Am Loved, I Am “
“Not all superheroes wear capes… Some wear scarves.”

A friend suggested this quote to me and I think it’s perfect for many of the women in each of our lives. Those that do their job not for glory but because they care. Mom, teacher, nurse…

“Live Laugh Love”

My daughter came up with this idea. They are 3 little words that each have powerful meaning that I think define my daughter and how she lives her life and I admire her so much because of it.

“Friendship Is Not About Whom You Have Known The Longest It’s About Who Came And Never Left Your Side”

I have many friends in my lifetime that have come and gone but there has been a few tried and true friendships that have meant the world to me. I have one friend in particular that after my son passed away, there was numerous times we were together or she would call and instead of telling me I would be ok or it will get easier, she just listened. I didn’t have to put on a brave face or try to be strong..it was ok to cry.

“There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.”

I am the youngest of 3 girls. My sisters and I all live very far away from each other. One I only see once every 2 years sometimes even longer but we talk on the phone and email regularly. They are my best of friends. They know everything about me and still love me. You couldn’t ask for better friends.

“The best thing about having you as my mom, is my children having you as their Grandma.”

I had a customer buy 2 of this quote..one for her mom and one for her mother in law. She didn’t currently have children so I questioned why? She said she just found out she was pregnant and this was how she was going to announce it to them that she was going to have a baby.

“I am amazing, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am kind, I am of great worth, I am honest, I am Loved, I am a daughter of God”

These are some of the words I used on my note to myself after I was raped.

I have a daughter and each day for school I would write on her napkin that I think she was beautiful, strong, kind and of great worth. I don’t ever want her to doubt those things. But alas at the end of lunch she wipes her mouth and napkin goes in the trash. Now they are wrapped around her neck all day long and each time she sees her reflection she will be reminded how loved she is.

“When I Can’t Be There Consider Yourself Wrapped In My Love”

I moved far away from a very dear friend and wanted her to be wrapped in my love even when the miles would keep us apart.

A soldier soon to be deployed bought it for his wife so that she would have something to wrap around her to keep her warm and know she is loved till he returned.

A mother bought one for her daughter as the daughter was about to move away to college.